Assisted Living

A VERY short story containing elderly zombies and a fête. Because: why not?



winter has come
to our cottage by the sea

the sun sets early
the moon rises pale and cold

and all around
the cane fields char

wafting ash and the stink
of burned molasses into the sky

the night is heavy with sweet offense
and we wake from dreams of nothing

filled with the longing for sugar



You come to the house at 3 a.m. in the cold.

Your mother greets you at the door with no words,
only pebbles in her mouth.

You walk along the dim hallway
to a small room flooded with light.

It contains twin beds, a dusty mirror, 
fading prints, dark wood.

It contains the end of the world.

There is a ringing in your ears
as you kiss your father for the last time.

Joy is in the making: a note to tired artists

Mired in ordinary life, in the day-to-day and humdrum, we strive for something transcendent. And sometimes, against all odds, find it in the simplest things. Between the daily grind, the deadlines met (or missed). Between the laundry and the shopping and the kids' demands. Between the elderly relatives, and their complaints, and our own. Between …

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Hauntings: learning about the novel

(a novel post) "His skin is lilac beneath grey shadows. His eyes are dark and wide to drink the low light. Come closer. See the slim limbs, the strange skin. He sits unmoving in the hardwood chair in the dusty attic room. This boy has grown roots, become a nest of stems and branches, a living, breathing tree, alone in the dreaming night. Here is a tale worth believing." And the starting point for my current work in progress...

A small litany of excuses …

How do you make time and space for the things you really want to do – without wrecking relationships that matter, becoming destitute, turning into a machine, or simply burning out? I started outlining 'The Book of Dreams' (novel, WIP) late in 2018... And since then, the outline has grown to kraken-like proportions, but very little actual writing has happened. There are many good reasons for this...