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Stories from the Space Between

This poetry collection is about change and transformation; about making and unmaking; about departures, journeys and (sometimes) arrivals. These liminal zones – the spaces between – may be fallow or pregnant with possibility. They occur in our lives, our relationships, in chance encounters, in dreams … At the edges of the everyday and the ordinary, where one thing becomes another – or tries to.

The collection is made up of short pieces, as well as some longer, multi-part poems. One longer, prose piece (The Dark Forest) is also included – simply because it fitted into the Writing Journeys section too well to end up on the cutting room floor.

For excerpts please visit my social media pages – just follow the links on this page. (You might have to scroll down a little to  get to them. Look out for the images of text without background photos.) Or take a look at some of the earlier material in the blog

A bit more about the book

Part 1: You and I – Poems about relationship, which are also all about encounters with the self. Quite a few of these are love poems, though seldom of a traditional type.

Part 2: The World – Poems reflecting on encounters with places, social issues, the natural world and constructed realities.

Part 3: Writing Journeys (and some daytrips) – Poems (and one prose piece) about the process of writing.

Of course, the poems they can be read in any order, though I’ve tried to construct a sequence that makes sense – and tells a kind of secondary story within each part.

Dear Reader…

I hope you find something to delight in, or to identify with. Something that makes you feel hope, or sadness, or peace. And perhaps, something that sparks new ideas or even poems of your own.

I’d love your feedback and online reviews – those can be left via any of my social media pages; or, ideally, on Amazon itself. To check on the book on Amazon, please click here.

(Published April 2019)