Works in Progress

I’m currently working on one new edition and two new books.


Revised paperback edition:

Stories from the Space Between – coming later in 2019

One little issue with the paper edition is the font size… It’s perfectly readable, but I’d like something a little bigger. Aging eyes and all that jazz.

At the same time, we’ll probably refresh the cover as well… I like the current version, but it’s a little too quiet to work well on social media. It doesn’t scream “READ ME!” – which is apparently a significant requirement.

I’ll post some new cover concepts and options in my blog and on social media to get reader’s views.

Importantly, the content won’t be changed – just the look and feel of the book. So, if you’ve already bought the paperback version, fear not. The new edition will just be a slightly larger format and should look a little more punchy and personalised.

New poetry collection:

No safe place (working title)

Early 2020. 

I’m interested in exploring the theme of safe places and safe spaces – psychological, physical and relational. Safety as something precious and occasionally suffocating; as something rare, but also illusory.

Edges, threshholds, and the things that happen there  are central themes.

I guess I’m developing some of the ideas in Stories from the Space Between a little further, (I hope) a little more consciously.

You can find fragments that might make their way into this new collection on Instagram, Facebook, sometimes Twitter, and, of course in this blog, as it develops. And, if you have personal favourites that simply must be included, let me know about them!  

New novel:

The Book of Dreams

Forthcoming in 2020/21. But really, the release date depends on many factors…  Whether it finds a home and a publisher, or  I self-publish. Whether my discipline holds. And possibly also, on the phases of the moon, on climate change, on the health of various family members and assorted aging pets… Take your pick!


The Book of Dreams is about grieving, loss, love, imagination, healing and relationships.

Ingrid (whose name might well change), is a recently bereaved therapist. Six months before our story begins she lost her son and husband in a car accident. She’s trying to rebuild her life and her practice. And, at first, she’s seeing only one client… 

Which is where James comes in.

He’s 23, was at university, but became increasingly withdrawn and disconnected from the day-to-day world – slipping quietly into one of his own making. James is referred to Ingrid by an old friend of hers, a student counselor who believes they might be good for each other (and, to be frank, who isn’t sure what to do with James anymore).

The unfolding relationship between Ingrid and James is the container for the story. We move between James’ and Ingrid’s separate lives, their time together in the therapy room, the vivid dreams referred to in the title which become James’ real life. And always we circle the central themes of connection, disconnection, imagination and redemption – as well as a few mysteries buried in our protagonists’ backstories.

In a nutshell, the book is about coming back to life – or perhaps meeting life in a new way – and the importance of relationships to that process.

The book is ultimately hopeful, I think, though there’s a lot of quite dark material to be worked through to get there.

I’m using some of my own more intense and challenging dreams as starter material – some of which are frankly alarming! So there are strong surreal or magic-realist undertones, but technically speaking (for those that care about such things), this will probably be a variety of bildungsroman.

And more than that, I will not hazard at present! For occasional updates, please follow my blog